Digital marketing, much like the internet, can be quite fickle. There is only one thing you can always count on; constant change. By paying close attention to internet and marketing trends, businesses and marketing teams can adapt and tweak their marketing strategies to increase optimum exposure and optimization.


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1.Video Marketing

  • 60% of marketers are already using video and 73% plan on increasing video marketing.

2.Visual Marketing

  • 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for business, second to blogging.


  • Micro-influencers post more about specific niche topics. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and 33% trust ads. 32% of internet users have ad blocker in 2017, micro-influencers can bridge the gap between product to prospect.


5.Quality Original Content

  • More and more people are interacting with quality content that connects to them personally. Developing consistent original content can build a trusted and loyal audience.

6.Growth Hacking

  • Growth hacking has helped many startups flourish quickly, we will see an increase with this in larger companies. Large companies are adopting these tactics using social media, viral marketing targeted advertising.

7.Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • 51% of marketers are already AI,  more than 25% will be implementing it in the next two years. Marketers predict AI use will increase by 53% in the next couple years.

8.Company Blogs

  • Many companies have been creating their own blogs to engage readers in customer stories, company news, guest posts and niche trends. This allows businesses to use their branding to connect with customers while increasing traffic to site.

9.Viral Content

  • Marketers are focusing on creating viral-worthy content that leads to an increase in traffic, thus increasing business. Creating content that has potential to go viral isn’t easy, it needs to be authentic, funny, original and relatable.

10.Live Streaming

  • People spend 3x longer watching videos that are Live compared to pre-recorded video.