I consider myself somewhat smart and I’ve been in this online marketing space for awhile, but man! Facebook has been kicking my booty for the last few months. I’ve had a few things work like gang-busters, but other things not work at all.

I’ve taken a few trainings. And unlike a lot of people who buy courses and don’t implement, I DO IMPLEMENT! But it’s taken this a long time to get working. Much longer than I like.

I’m not an expert, yet, by any means, but I did figure a lot of things to NOT do, and some things to definitely DO, but it seems like people don’t tell you this stuff until you waste a lot of money!

So, I’m putting together a little cheat sheet of the most useful cost savings things I’ve learned, and a list of little things to DO when you’re setting things up, so that you don’t waste time.

Also, I did figure out a cool little thing that is working out really well. Yay!

Put your email below and I’ll send you this little cheat sheet when I’m done with it.  And later, if I update it, I’ll send you the revised version, too. Hope it helps!