Google Calendar is one of the best time-management tools on the market. Yet, despite its popularity, most people don’t know how to use the scheduling service to its max potential. Google Calendar and third-party affiliates have created dozens of extensions and services that make keeping track of events, contacts, and emails easier than ever.

Here are a few of the best Google Calendar extensions we’ve found for increasing productivity and managing your busy schedule:


1. Toggl

Toggl is a one-click productivity tracker that syncs with Google Calendar and your scheduled events to provide thorough analysis and time-saving features. For example, Toggl tracks how long it takes for you to complete scheduled activities and logs how much time is spent on distractions. This feature offers insight into how much time you spend (or waste) on daily tasks, and allows you to adjust your schedule to accurately reflect the time needed to complete tasks. Another cool feature? Toggl tracks in real time, and offline support keeps you productive even in wifi free areas

Toggl is especially helpful in occupations that bill by the hour, such as lawyers or contract workers. The extension keeps track of your billable hours, so you never round down your time again. Also, it lets you set and track time at different billing rates for different activities (consulting hours vs time on the job). Oh, and did we mention that Toggl’s tracking information is easy to share? You can use it for an invoice or print it out for internal use.


A good assistant helps you coordinate employee schedules for meetings and events. But what’s better than a good assistant? A free assistant that works at the speed of light. That’s what is – a free Google Calendar extension that monitors everyone’s availability based on their Google Calendar schedule and synchronizes the data to pinpoint the optimal time for a meeting or event. With, you can book meetings with one email instead of wasting time emailing back and forth or accidentally double booking. also sends reminder notifications to your email, and it remembers common meeting locations and times to make scheduling easier. Take all the hassle out of scheduling meetings with this time-saving extension.

3. Cirrus Insight

Many ecommerce firms use Salesforce because the software helps customers discover and buy products. However, it can be time-consuming to switch between your Salesforce account and Google account for email and contact information. The Cirrus Insight extension syncs your Google Calendar with your Salesforce events and emails, automatically sending Gmail to your Salesforce inbox and saving you the time it takes to enter events in both systems. Cirrus Insight can also track when, where, and on what device people are reading your emails, helping you assess what kind of emails result in the highest level of engagement and allowing you to quickly tweak your approach. This time-saving extension helps you track contacts, stay up to date on events and communication, and increase productivity.

4. Quick Add

Quick Add is the ultimate time-saver, as it lets you add events to your Google Calendar without leaving the webpage you are on. An extension icon is added to the top of your browser, allowing you to add events or event details without having to leave the current web page, load your Google Calendar, and manually enter all the information into the calendar. Quick Add offers an easy-to-use, sticky note style that is perfect for the busy ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to quickly add networking events or other prospective events to their calendar.

You’re busy and can’t afford to waste time, especially on tasks that should be simple, like scheduling or tracking billable hours. These four extensions exist to help you save time and automate your work. Don’t waste another second on extra clicks and unproductive tasks like entering the same information on multiple platforms. Be proactive and try a Google Calendar extension!